HairLeaf’s Cosmetic Hair Replacement – As technology advances high end hair systems are often custom made with the aid of pure human hair. A membrane will be carefully applied to the scalp with modern bonding materials to secure it, and the hair will be matched to your existing hair in terms of texture and colour, making the replacement piece virtually invisible.
You can style your hair anyway you like – there’ll be a little lip at the front of the scalp that you’ll soon get used to, but other than that the hair feels absolutely normal. Hair systems don’t fade unless you spend an excessive amount of time in the sun or use a shampoo containing salt. Sulphate-free hair products are recommended as they prevent fading.

Hair loss can have a devastating effect on your everyday life, causing stress, anxiety, and emotional distress. These negative feelings can impact greatly on social and business worlds, and the desire for an immediate solution is the right way to go. Surgical options may not be your choice, so non-surgical hair restoration could be the answer.


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