Though hair is not given predominant importance in the human body, it can lead to severe consequences when unnoticed or left uncared. Not only women, men too face a lot of discomforts when prone to hair fall issues. With increasing external pressures, hormonal imbalances, hereditary conditions, internal stress, the first part which gets affected is our hair, and in worst cases, it may also result in baldness. But with the right solution, guidance, proper care and maintenance, hair can be regrown naturally within few days of the procedure. Hair transplantation is the perfect procedure to revamp your lost self.


Activated Follicular Transplant is the latest revolutionary hair transplant technique. This is an enhanced Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique. Our goal is plain and straightforward – Apply the latest, most advanced innovations in hair implantation technology to give you healthy, natural-looking hair.

Activated Follicular Hair Transplant is one of the most rapidly evolving procedures in aesthetic treatments, accompanied by regular hair growth improvement in techniques. The recent advances in technology and the concept of follicular units with recombinant growth factors transplanting and platelet-rich plasma have made this procedure reach a new height. Providing very natural-looking results with faster healing has encouraged a more significant number of balding men and women to opt for this novel surgical hair growth solution.


HairLeaf’s AFT is an advanced revolutionary grafting technology to extract a single follicular unit from the donor area using a specialized motorized device and implant in the bald area using titanium-coated implanters for precise punch.

1. The use of disposable titanium tips, needles and a completely sterile environment ensures 100% safety.

2. The use of collagen pads and Growth factor treatment promotes faster healing in the donor site.

3. Minimally invasive procedure.

4. Extracted grafts are treated with Growth factors that maximize the viability of the follicles.

5. This precised puncture diameter of less than a millimeter ensures maximum density and a natural look.


  • Stop smoking for two days before the procedure. Avoid alcohol 24 hours before the procedure.
  • Eight (8) to ten (10) days before the procedure, do not take any aspirin or any medication containing Salicylic Acid, any Anticoagulants, any Vitamins (especially vitamin E), Aloe, Ginseng, or any nutritional supplements, especially those of high protein concentration.
  • STOP applying Minoxidil at least five days before the procedure.
  • If any previous medical history like Diabetes/Hypertension/any Allergy or under any regular medications/treatment, please meet the surgeon 1 or 2 days before the surgery with all your previous medical reports.
  • Wash your hair on the morning of the procedure. Ensure 6-8 hours’ sleep before the procedure.
  • On the day of the procedure, have a light breakfast and avoid coffee, tea, caffeine, and orange juice.
  • Kindly wear a buttoned-up shirt on the day of the procedure, avoid a T-Shirt and vest.
  • Grey hair should get dyed before the procedure. Do not have your hair cut before the procedure.
  • It is recommended that you should not drive a vehicle after the procedure.


  • Do not touch the recipient area for the first three days.
  • Sleep on your side (or your back, the doctor will advise you) for 4-5 days.
  • Return to exercise 10 days after the session and avoid heavy weight lifting for one month.
  • Please avoid direct sun exposure for four weeks. Do not swim in the sea for seven days and pool for 10 days.
  • Do not use a helmet or any headgear for 1 month.
  • Avoid usage of chemical products, like hair dye, colour, gel, Toppik etc. for 1 month.
  • Avoid or minimize smoking for 3 days. Do not consume alcohol whilst taking antibiotics (if any).
  • We recommend attending follow-up evaluations every month once after your session.
  • We recommend wearing a button-up shirt or something with a zip for the next 5 days.